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Do You Have Excess Jewelry? Are You A Jeweler, Dentist, Pawnbroker, Crematorium or just have a lot of old jewelry?

We will pay honest rates for your precious metals including: junk gold, gold watches, gold earrings platinum jewelry, platinum coins, palladium, silver coins, silver rings, silver bracelets, silver necklaces, oxide batteries, silver earrings, silver watches, silver pendants, gold pendants, silver charms, silver cuff links, silver estate pieces, x-ray film, and more.

Z Jewelry Exchange provides an economical and environmentally friendly precious metal recovery service. We buy scrap precious metals and separate the pure forms from the other precious metals and waste materials. Precious metal scrap such as placer gold, dental gold scrap and gold metal foil is weighed and then smelted. As the scrap precious metal liquefies in the furnace, borax and soda ash are mixed in to separate the pure forms from other precious and non-precious metals.

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Z Jewelry Exchange maintains itself as one of the best, most reputable companies in the business. We don't just make claims about how great we are - we prove it to our customers every single day. Our fast turn-around time on all gold, silver, platinum and palladium scrap metals and our accurate, honest assays, are the main reasons people trust us with their scrap precious metals. We give a true “no hassle sale” with refining or buying of gold, silver and platinum scrap.

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We realize and take seriously; how important and valuable your precious metals are to you. I would like you to know that, all our customers, large and small, are treated with respect and importance, the same way we ourselves like to be treated. I would also like to assure you in knowing your transaction with Z Jewelry Exchange, will be a positive one. After all, we want your business, not just once, but continuously. Your precious metals will always be handled in a straightforward manner, insuring you receive the highest settlements you are entitled to. No excuses, no disappointments and no hassles.