Scrap X-Ray Films Buying

You are either currently using analog film, transitioning from analog film to digital images, or have switched to digital images only. In all instances, you have a valuable CASH ASSET in your film storage files – outdated X-Ray Film. Let Z Jewelry Exchange assist you with your recycling needs and turn x-rays into money!

Z Jewelry Exchange is one of the best purchasers and recyclers of X-Ray Film and graphic arts silver bearing film in Houston. We not only pick-up x-ray film in Houston, we are also proud to offer on-site film purges. We know security and confidentiality is a concern. We not only offer a secure and effective HIPAA BAA compliant system for all your X-Ray Film records, but we are also AAA NAID Certified, fully insured and offer a Certificate of Destruction upon request. We have many years of experience working with a variety of businesses – from large regional hospitals to small Chiropractic offices. If you are ready to recycle your old X-Ray Film, look no further!

Z Jewelry Exchange Offers You:

  • Monetary Payment or Silver Bars/Coins for your expired X-Ray Film
  • Houston On-Site Film File Purging
  • Total destruction of X-Ray Film and associated records
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • AAA NAID Certified
  • Houston Pick-up
  • Scanning Available